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every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his own pictures. - henry ward beecher

art is art. everything else is everything else.

Valerie Alla Teves

Graphic Designer

I might rule the world or join Cirque du Soleil someday or save art. Continous learning and passion keeps me sane.

In College, I took up BSBA Major in Management Information System at AMA Computer University which triggered my love for internet gateway.

I had the opportunity to immersed myself with diversity in the world of Pharmaceutical, Financial, Consulting, Manufacturing and SEO firm. I've found ways to harvest your crops at a Social Gaming Company and currently on the look out for some Big changes.

I'm most of the time computer geek but I do enjoy sports and outdoor activities on weekends. I love traveling, dancing, nature and photography.

A multi-tasking extraordinaire. Currently mastering the art of doing everything: domesticated goddess, full time employee, coffee connoisseur and getaway princess.

Click here for to view my CV in PDF.

Valerie Joy Alla - Teves
Social Media Butterfly, Creatives Specialist, Travel Blogger


design is the aspiration of art, science and culture.

Graphic Design

  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Corporate Identity
  • EDM / Newsletters
  • Packaging

Web Design & Development

Web Hosting & Domain Registration

SEO Services


  • Powerpoint and Keynote Presentations
  • Digital Photo Enhancement & Post-Processing
  • Digital Album Lay-Out


evoke emotional contagion.

  • 8TV Tournament SHOWDOWN 2011

    MatchMove collaborated with Malaysia 8TV for a Fan Showdown Challenge in a reality dance battle!

    preview | visit site

  • TOT Anniversary Party

    Invite for an awesome Wine & Oyster Party


  • Wedding Site Templates

    Capture your memories with Ready-Made Wedding Website with various templates to choose from.

    preview | visit site

  • Cheval Noir Tasting Invite

    A trade only tasting of Bordeaux Wine


  • Wine Ad

    Mega Ad for Cold Storage


  • Door Tag

    Custom designed doortag for marketing promotion.


  • StopIt Brochure

    The Revolutionary Parental Control System

    view | visit site

  • Manny Pacquiao Game Site

    Game site mockup for


  • Sundown Party

    Monthly Shindig Thing


  • MatchMove Banners

    Web Marquees and Banners.


  • PIAS APEX Advertisement

    Lunar New Year Greetings from PIAS - APEX, Straits Times, February 2013


  • CNY eCard

    PIAS Chinese New Year Ecard.


  • Concert for a Cause

    An immensely low cost approach to help my alma mater. Concert for A Cause is a fund raising event.


  • Auto News Cover - November 2006

    Proposed Cover for Auto News Magazine - UAE (Nov. 2006)


  • Shards of the Dreams Banner Announcement

    2011 Newbie Pack Release of SOD Game at MatchMove & Partner sites

    view | visit online

  • Business Cards

    Custom designed business cards help establish and promote your business identity with an impact.


  • Travel Blog

    Ordinary travel journal meets world wide web.

    preview | visit site

  • Infograph

    Custom designed infograph help establish and promote cutting-edge business identity.


  • Makansutra Flyer Proposal

    Makansutra Kiasu Set Flyer Proposal


  • Beauty Blog

    Every girl needs a beauty blog.

    preview | visit site

  • Pet Party Weekly Gifts Promo

    Pet Party Promotion across Alt Media Partners


  • MatchMove Mugs

    Some Corporate Giveaways studies


  • Holiday E-cards

    Some greeting cards for special events


  • Kidsland Brochure

    Kidsland: More than 400 Games!


  • MatchMove GameClub Membership Promo

    MatchMove Newsletter for 30-Day GameClub Membership Promo


  • Maintenance & Retirement Pages

    How to escape a 404 bug


  • MatchMove Newsletters

    Marketing Push for MatchMove Games


  • Sign up Pages

    Splash Pages for MatchMove Games



The world is my playground.

Let's get social! Drop me a line for questions or anything under the sun.
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